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Green Island Getaways - Cycling Getaways

Planning a group cycling holiday or tour of the Island.  Green Island Getaways at Granville PEI has facilities to host your team or group.  Need a base camp for the tour?  Or perhaps you just want to go cycling with your family and friends?  The hilly setting offers many interesting (and challenging) back roads and trails all within easy reach. Granville is ideally situated central to the North Shore, Cavendish Beaches and Parks, and the Confederation Trail.


North Granville is in the scenic hilly terrain of Prince Edward Island and is a great base camp for cycling around the island. If you don't have a bike with you we recommend MacQueens Bike Shop in Charlottetown for rentals.

Below we have provided a few suggested routes to get you going, all tried and extensively tested. We have split these up into two sections, ones which are purely for road bikes i.e. we have ensured the trails stay only on paved roads and those which are more suited to Cyclocross / Mountain Bikes.


Road Routes

To the north is the beautiful North Shore with Darnley, Malpeque, Cavendish, Rustico and Brackley all easily within reach. This is an ideal option for those who want to take it easy with gentle hills and smooth roads. The best one for this would be the North Shore Loop. A bit longer but equally as pleasant and on decent roads is the Malpeque Route.

Further south, the roads get a little more hilly and there is lots of great scenery around Hunter River and Brookvale. Of the three routes, the Leg Burner takes you through this area and while there aren't many long drags, the short steep ramps can catch you unaware!  A great few hours in the saddle for those looking for a little more of a challenge.

Click on the following links for a number of options around the area:

1. The North Shore Loop


2. Malpeque Bay via Park Corner


3. The Leg Burner


Mountain / Non Paved Roads

While the road cycling around the area is some of the best on the island, we equally suggest you venture onto some of the non paved roads to really explore the area. We have again listed a number of trails which vary from relatively wide paths with gentle hills to more narrow windy sections which are more suited to the experienced mountain biker. Again, these are just a few trails leaving you plenty of room for exploring the area

1. Trout River Loop


This route initially takes you up the Smith Road which is a quiet sandstone road which is cut and leveled each summer. At the top of the road you come to the South Granville Presbyterian Church cross roads. For experienced mountain bikers, a right at this junction will bring you to the trail head for The Devil's Punchbowl, this is however a walking trail and care should be taken when cycling. The left takes you right down to the Trout River Road, across North Rd Bridge and left back in the direction of Stanley Bridge. A few steep ramps and you are back on the Rattenbury Road.

2. Cavendish Park + Toronto


AAlthough relatively short, 38km, this trail is more intended for the experienced cyclist due some technical climbs however, certain sections are perfect for families such as the provincial park trails at Cavendish Beach. Up to this point the route follows the coastal road to Cavendish then going inland to a mix of paved and non paved roads. The steep climb up after the North Rd bridge can prove tricky in the wet, certainly one for low pressures in your tires!

When viewing the routes in, make sure to look at the notes, elevation plots and directions, you can even download the points to a handheld / bike mounted GPS!

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